Waikiki Jet Ski Rentals

We are currently only accepting reservations by phone.

(808) 300-5588

Important Information

Hawaiian law states that every jet ski rental company has a designated course that all riders must adhere to. We have both single and double rider rentals available, riders must not exceed a combined weight of 500lbs.

What to Expect

We start our journey with a short tour of the Keehi Lagoon, the area you will be riding. Followed by a comprehensive safety and operations briefing, please feel free to ask any questions at this time. After all that excitement its time to finally get behind the wheel and hit the open ocean. After the 45 minutes are up everyone comes back to the dock and we head back to land.

Solo Package

Our solo package is for that person that enjoys riding alone. Drive the jet ski exactly how you want.

Tandem Package

If you're not looking to ride alone bring a friend and experience our tandem package. Both riders get to experience the excitement of cruising through the ocean on their own and the excitement of just being a passenger on someone else's fun!

Observer Package

Don't want to ride a jet ski but also don't want to watch your friends and family have all the fun without you? Then our observer package is the one for you. Hang out on the dock with us and have a good time watching your friends. We have comfortable seating available if you need to take a break.

Included Items

Included with your rental is a life vest and 45 minutes of riding time in the Keehi Lagoon. We also offer video and photo packages.


There is only so much room on this island and there is a lot of people to share it with. Parking is very limited and it is advised to carpool.

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Jet Ski Waikiki

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